Não Existe Pecado Ao Sul Do Equador

Igor Furtado (Brasil)

The film poetically presents the sexual encounter of two young christians during the festivities of Círio de Nazaré. It’s the largest procession in Latin America, gathering more than 3 million pilgrims in Belém do Pará, Amazon, Brazil. The narrative development is a reflection of latent contrasts as sacred and profane, multitude and solitude, formality and disruptiveness. The intention was to question the idea of ​​sacrifice, “sacred labor”, that is perpetuated as a purifying act. The construction of hegemonic masculinity is intrinsically linked to a colonizing and violent inheritance. The sadistic and erotic nuances present in Christianity are fundamental for the strengthening and maintenance of social normativity. We explore the potential of the body as a catalyst for sensitive and transcendental experiences, in contact with others, with nature, but mainly with the individual construction of spirituality and sexuality. We hope to stimulate discussion about the future possibilities of being a man, that do not go through the same compulsory paths, and to re-signify the sexual policies that inhabit us, in search of another geography of feeling and expression.

Belém do Pará, Amazon, Brazil. Two boys meet during the holidays of Cirío de Nazaré, latin america’s largest catholic procession.